Tshipi é Ntle’s Tshipi Borwa mine’s first manganese ore.

Tshipi é Ntle’s Tshipi Borwa mine in South Africa’s Northern Cape has mined its first manganese ore.

It took 11 months of continuous 24 hour-a-day operations to shift the waste rock overlaying Tshipi’s ore resources. Tshipi blasted its first ore on the 10 October, several weeks earlier than planned. Ore loading commenced within hours.

Justin Pitt, managing director of Safika Resources, said “We are very pleased with the progress of Tshipi to date and we are now stockpiling the manganese to be loaded on to the first train that will leave the mine for Port Elizabeth in November. From there it will be shipped to the Far East in December.”


Saki Macozoma has been honoured by UNISA

Safika’s non-executive chairman Saki Macozoma has been honoured by the
University of South Africa (UNISA) which has made him and former president Nelson
Mandela joint recipients of the university’s first Robben Island alumnus award. The
award, part of the Calabash awards that are UNISA’s highest honours, is to honour
those who were imprisoned by the apartheid regime because they fought against the
system of State oppression.

Professor Mandla Makhanya, UNISA’s principal and vice chancellor said that the
award was given to Mr Macozoma: “in recognition of the significant role you played
in the liberation of our country, in the development of our economy as a pioneering
business leader and in the development of our higher education system.”

Saki is Chairman of the Council on Higher Education, chairman of the University
Council of the University of the Witwatersrand and a member of the Board of
Governors of Rhodes University.

Safika’s chief executive Moss Ngoasheng is interviewed in Africa Straight Up